Thursday, 13 May 2010


In the best tradition I now bring you a soothing interlude while the votes are counted and our team of pundits synthesise your comments.
This week I have been painting Renegade ECW. After the avaunt gard heresies that we have been wrestling with it was rather calming to go back to a nice bit of highlighting and washing. In truth I was mainly motivated by the price when I bought these figures. However like many modern figures they paint up very easily and come to life in a most pleasing manner. They are destined for Charles Gerrard's regiment of foot in my slowly forming English Civil War armies. I had originally intended to finish these in time for the 350th anniversaries
But who wants to let artificial deadlines spoil their hobby?


Bluebear Jeff said...

I really like the "back side" of the figure that you show in the first photo. Very nicely done, sir. And, yes, these do come across with character.

-- Jeff

Gallia said...

Splendid work John.

PaintPig said...

Hello John

Im most pleased to have found your blog after reading your comments re old school painting, humbrols revenge on the yahoo group.

a. I can correctly attribute you on my blog
b. I get to see what your up to, virtually speaking

I was very interested to read your posts regarding going gallic as I have given something along those lines some thought on many occasions. Although I prefer to use Turner and the use of light (why go gallic when you have such a wonderful example of your own). :-)

Pleased to have caught up with your blog.