Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Highways and Byways :Domestic Bliss

I think it was Henry Harris in one of his toy soldier books who painted an ideal picture of family life. Father at a roll top desk, no doubt with a pipe, and painting his toys. Two children are playing happily on the floor quietly absorbed in their board game. Mother sits quite contentedly in the corner knitting and watching TV.

It is an image I have never felt it necessary to share with my wife, nevertheless I have often reflected on its golden ideal. Well last weekend came near to attaining that perfection. After dinner Mr Stuart Asquith and I played a small cavalry skirmish on the dining table which we shared with the two ladies who were constructing crafts of some kind (who can say they really understand such things?) Nevertheless we had a charming and civilised evening.

Yes, that's right the Asquith of Asquith towers. You can imagine my apprehension at entertaining him in my own hovel. In fact it all went off very smoothly in spite of his repeated attempts to find the door to the billiard room. Well, there was just the one sticky moment when at afternoon tea I suddenly realised that the chocolate cake didn't have those little silver balls on top. Frankly he is such a Gentleman that he pretended not to notice.

Nevertheless the expression on his face when he realised that I wargamed in an OUTHOUSE! reminded me once more of the extraordinary resemblance between himself and the late leader of the Charge of the Light brigade. A family resemblance? Ah my lips are sealed, I have said too much already.



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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

'Any fule no' that the little silver balls on cakes are good only for providing ammunition for Britain's spring loaded cannon anyway...! :o)