Tuesday 31 March 2009

Highways and byways: TheSocial Game

The main clash, Front Rank,and a few Essex
Well, very nice too. But what about the game? We got out a couple of boxes of English Civil War Cavalry. These were to hand as I was halfway through basing them. The plywood base is in place but I have still to add the magnets and terrain A Bellona bridge and some Pegasus river sections and away we go.
The hand of God; or pointing out some Foundry Cavalry?
1642 two Cavalry regiments clash for the control of a river crossing. 30 figures a side and Charge rules.
Move one: I heavily weight one flank and refuse the other, (pretty sophisticated stuff for 1642) Mr Asquith advances with three roughly equal units.

One of the problems with painting ECW cavalry; basically everything is brown.

Move 2: My main Cavalry charge home, Huzzah. Oh he has diverted some to the bridge. Still not to worry they can only deploy two wide so he cant get much advantage. Ah my first misjudgement, if my refused flank stays where it is then any push back will take it off the board. Oh well what the hell, all units charge!
First melee. I outnumber him two to one, no not another one he has won the first round. Throw four or more for a second -- damn a two! I must route. On the bridge I lost two casualties in the first round and anther one in the second which was enough to cause another route. I am not even going to describe what happened on my refused flank.

Move 2: the remnants of my units mill about in chaos.

Ten minutes into the game and every figure I had left was in route. Time to retreat I think.

Not entirely unhappy with the way things are going

The figures used were a mixture of Foundry, Essex, Old Glory and the much lamented Front Rank range. at the time I painted these figure I was keen on getting an 'authentic' look of worn leather and everyday clothing. as a result I now think that they look a little dull, Still with individual basing I can easily slip in a few in brighter clothing and some black or grey horses to break up the wall of brown.

The Victors stream across the bridge

People have asked what rules I am using and to be honest I don't know yet. I have always used George Gush's WRG green set and they have invariably given a good game. But I don't know if I still fancy all that factor counting and splitting up melees into component parts. I am using Charge but it could do with a bit more period flavour. So no decision on that so far. Watch this space


DC said...


You would think SA would have the good grace to lose to his host, then again maybe he tried, but you, being the perfect gent, tried to lose too, and you are better at it than he is.....8-)

To my far from expert eye your cavalry look very convincing - not a rugby shirt in sight.

My ECW rules of choice are Terry Wise's - for no good reason other than they are simple, easy to tweak, and match my figures basing. Just about everyone tells me that Forlorn Hope are the best mix of realism and playability, so i spose i'll have to try them evetually.


Peeler said...

:-) Sounds a pleasant time was had by all, an uplifting read, thanks.

tradgardmastare said...

Looks like great fun- reminds us all that fun can be had with only small numbers of figures. Useful in light of current austerity Britain!
best wishes

Snickering Corpses said...

Sounds a fine little game despite the lack of success!

For ECW rules, another set to keep an eye out for will be coming from the folks at TooFatLardies. It's currently in playtesting, so I'm not sure when the release date will be. Should be sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

I read this with great interest. I used to know a Mr. Stuart Asquith – in fact, me it was sold him his first Minifigs (the originals, pike man armed with tree trunks) more than half-a-lifetime ago! We often gamed together, ancients or ECW in the main, in the Harrow area. I seem to recall I once exchanged a partly painted Roman Republican army (Garrison) for a painted group of Hincliffe late Roman pikeman and Cataphractarii (I mistakenly believed that skillful use of a cataphract here and there would allow me a chance to win for once!?).

Assuming that this is the same Mr. Asquith it was in a time before his acquisition of Asquith Towers. Then he lived comfortably in a quiet leafy suburb. We would wargame weekly, alternating the venue between his house and my flat above the Model Shop, where I worked. I rarely, if ever, won…but they were fun times nevertheless!

Do mention me to Mr A, and pass on my kindest regards to him – unless of course he denies all knowledge of me, in which case I’ve made an embarrassing blunder…but certainly not for the first time.

And congratulations, too, for such an interesting blog.

Peter Leonard