Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thank you for your kind comments.

Many thanks to all of you who have taken time to comment on the return of this Blog.

Conrad asks about the chap with wine bottle, he is 20mm and comes from a set entitled armed Catholic clergy by CP models . I am not enamoured with all of CP models products, I have never felt the need for SS execution squads on my own table. But doubtless they fill a niche and they do make very fine figures. So tucked away amongst their lists are several quite characterful sets.

DaveWargamer wonders whether I should cut the 'spare leg' away from my standard bearers. An interesting idea, but I am left wondering why, having chosen a figure I admire, I would then want to start hacking bits off it? Nevertheless it is heartwarming that people are willing to help with suggestions and advice.

The picture at the top of the blog is taken from the wonderful French Magazine 'Uniformes' and shows french Cuirassiers relaxing sometime at the turn of the 19C. Not least interesting is the padded garment or Gilet they are wearing. This was worn under the Cuirass but is rarely illustrated.

And I leave you with a tantalising taster. What the hobby has lacked for some time is a blog or site dealing with 30mm figures similar to the excellent Lone S Ranger or other 20mm resources. I am awaiting exciting news on this front which I will share with you all as soon as it appears.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hello John,

Now, I must ask since this is often the topic of discussion and debate -- as much as the Austrian/French white versus light grey thingy -- what blue did you use for those scrumptious-looking Bavarians?

Best Regards,


johnpreece said...


You are going to wish you hadn't asked that. Stand by for my next and excrutiatingly boring piece on, 'The nature of Bavarian Blue in fact and fiction with some comments on the 19C dyeing industry'.

(The simple answer is I mixed it from GW paints).


Hugh Walter said...

"...with some comments on the 19C dyeing industry"

You're not going to ask us all to save our pee and roll-up our trouser-legs are you?!!


Anonymous said...

Love those Bavarians!

old john said...

Great to have you back John, and we must meet up soon, Model shop in Porthmadog followed by lunch in usual venue, and i promise not to take too much money off you next time (i lie)

best wishes on your birthday, you now qualify for a bus pass !!

cheers old john

PaintPig said...

You have been missed John. I for one have not been able to locate a blog or indeed web site that can so succinctly and unequivocably makes the connection between the occult, Crowley and wargaming.

I immediately re read "confessions of a drug fiend" and in this new light drew the conclusion that thelemos was indeed the the worlds first holiday wargames centre!

Conrad Kinch said...

I couldn't agree more of the subject of CP Models.

Nazi prison guards anyone?

Good to have you back. Don't listen to that Cunningham, he's a devouring monster that eats pocket books and leaves shattered lives and weeping women in his wake.

gee said...

good stuff