Thursday, 2 April 2009

Highways and byways 1 (Revisited)

I got a email from a friend of mine who I shall call Martin T since he is careful about his privacy. In addition to being an eminent expert on the German armies of the 18 and 19c he is a very experienced and well read wargamer.

I can do no better than reproduce what he says below:

"I see there is a museum at Lille with some of the Vauban models (your blog). There is a museum in Paris with a large collection of these model;s ("maquettes"), the "Musee des Plans-Reliefs"- the website is at

In French, but a full listing of the models. They have models of fortresses, maps "in relief", models of siege operations etc. I first came across this through a reference in one of the early wargaming books (I think it was Featherstone), apparently at that time you would go up a side street in Paris, and there was a small sign above a doorway, you went up some stairs and there was this wonderful museum- ever since then I have intended to go there, to my shame after all these years I have yet to do so. The author of the book about the models at Lille, Isabelle Warmoes, works in the museum at Paris and has written at least one other book about the models. Other models can be found at various places in France- for example the model of the Vauban fortress of Belfort is at Belfort itself."

I have said that the best part of this blog are the comments and once more that is true. Also it is a splendid excuse to reproduce three more images of the models themselves. Thank you Martin.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Don't you just want to try and find that little Parisian museum just as soon as you can??! Thanks John (and Martin T.) - something to plan for, and look forward to doing one day...

Hugh Walter said...

Strange that niether site is in Garratt's appendix/list? But then I guess there are no figures!!

He didn't like us plastics guys, he wasn't keen on you war gamers and now it seems he didn't care for architectural modellers either (laughs)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments John, Paris is easier to get to than ever before (Channel Tunnel), and the museum is a good excuse to spend a weekend (or more...) in Paris!

Martin T

Peeler said...

WOW! Thats some modelling. I can feel a quick trip to Paris coming on..:-)

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Agreed, fantastic stuff!

Best Regards,