Monday, 6 April 2009

Do you remember when-

A new Uniform book was a source of excitement and joy? Blandford or Funcken or possibly W A Thorburn, page after page revealed new treasures; Zouaves or is it Zooves? never mind, could those trousers be for real? Papal Guards, Fuzileers, Prince Ruperts Regiment. Bavaria, Wurtenburg and Hesse. Sadly that kind of innocence soon goes. Time takes the wide eyed joy of a small boy and turns it into the crabby nit picking of middle age.

We know what a Sassanid is, we are familiar with the cuff styles and turnback lacing of every kind of Napoleonic artilleryman. We treat our Cavaliers severely, no feather bedecked hats and lace trimmings, they can wear knitted night caps and brown jerkins like everyone else and like it.

Are we better for such hard won knowledge. Yes, certainly, but happier?

And then - in the post last week came a parcel of totally unexpected books. In a conversation with a friend I had wondered what kind of Army could use the Holger Eriksson figures I liked so much. It should really be after the War of the Spanish Succession but before the War of the Austrian Succession. Apart from thinking that I should definitely get out more, I then forgot all about it. Until a parcel of obscure German Uniform books arrived about the Saxon Army!!

No less than four beautiful volumes to study with awe, but the Gem is a book published in the GDR in 1984.
'Die Armee Augustus des Starken' Colour plate after colour plate of every unit of the Saxon Army in 1730. Even the Janissary unit - cant wait to paint that one, but every single unit is just a joy. Exactly what I was looking for and perfect for the figures I want to use.

Absolutely astounding kindness, even in a hobby where most people are generous by nature. As a result I have a magical project to cherish over the next twenty years or so. I am twelve again!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

May the gentleman who sent you this treasure come across something he's always wanted but never found.

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Too right... he's earned some seriously good karma!!

You are a lucky, lucky, man Mr. Preece..

Fitz-Badger said...

Agreed. What a wonderful thing to do!

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Agreed, John! A wonderful surprise and two great color plates. Enjoy yourself!

Best Regards,


Peeler said...

How nice is that!!

Mike Siggins said...

I can certainly recall the excitement of a new Blandford or WRG book. Great days.

marinergrim said...

I still get excited when a parcel arrives through the door. I also still get a buzz from looking at books on uniforms.
I just get upset at the price!

Bloggerator said...

That's a rather good book.

i've a copy i thumb through from time to time and wish i could read German!


Greg Horne

John Clements said...

A lovely story, and what an amazing army that must have been to see - yellow infantry and scarlet cavalry. I think the HE figures will work very well. A great project.

I've managed to catch up with some of your previous posts too and was fascinated by the Vauban models. There is a firm that does card wargames buildings and they've recently released a Vauban fortress which looked really good and might provide a relatively cheap way to a large-scale siege game.