Wednesday 30 January 2008

In praise of the solitary blogger

My use of scenery has sometimes been commented on as eccentric. I prefer the term expressionist.

Since starting this blog, I must confess that I have looked at other peoples efforts with a new respect and interest. I suppose that the urge to share ones interest is universal and there is only so much toy talk that a long suffering partner or family can take.

Some blogs have the fascination of a good soap, "today I had two sausages for breakfast and then bought a pot of Goblin Green." I find myself returning each day with a guilty fascination as to what has happened next. Others such as the riveting 'making miniatures' have me engrossed as someone makes it all look so achievable. But two are becoming my especial favourites on the web.

The Alte Fritz Journal, has shown big battalion gaming at its grandest for a number of months now. While at the other extreme 'Frivolous Fusiliers is starting out chronicling a small scale project.

What they have in spades though is that they reflect the enthusiasm and individuality of their creators. And here is a secret that I can share with you all, you do this hobby to please yourselves. If there are any wargamers out there thinking, " I shall collect and play with toys because it will impress my employers, and also beautiful women will find me mysterious and attractive." Well, perhaps its kinder not to say anything.

Buy the figures that you like, in a scale you enjoy and paint them, putting in the levels of skill and time that suits your needs. And if the others at your club don't like it then they can just sod off. Face it, do you really need the approval of a bunch of grown men who play with toy soldiers?


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Ah, but what toys they are. Now, about those scads of young women finding the younger versions of us mysterious and enigmatic. . . ;-)

Best Regards,


Der Alte Fritz said...

Thank you for the kind comments John. Here I am up until 1 am again adding a new entry (and stopping by for a visit at your fun site before turning in). I thought that blogging would be difficult, but the main point is that I am just conveying my enthusiasm for my hobby, so that makes it easy.

I find that the work of Stokes and of Greg Horne to be equally enjoyable and inspiring.

guy said...

I spend 99% of my hobby time solo. Its not particulary from choice but even within the wargaming world, my interests are not shared by that many locally.

I have only just found your blog. I am fast coming to the conclusion that the growth of blogs such as yours, Stokes', der alte fritz's etc are what are really inspiring me at the moment. Clearly they must be having an effect as my wife has commented how much additional time I seem to be spending in my soldier room.

These blogs have replaced for me, with the exception of Battlegames, the monthly wargaming magazines. In the past I devoured them and pored over the articles and adverts. I have stopped buying them as frequently there has been literally nothing in there of any interest to me.


Andy Mitchell said...

A full 12pdr salvo in your response to our critics (I'm no more than a 3pdr man). My glass is raised to you.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Blimey John, you don't half bash the nail on the head!

Fitz-Badger said...

I just came across your blog, following up on a comment you posted on another wargaming blog.
I agree whole-heartedly with this post in particular and am enjoying reading through the rest of your stuff.
These various blogs are one of the main things that have gotten me recharged and stuck into the imaginary 18th century. :-)