Friday 4 January 2008

This blog will be a chronicle of my wargaming activity in 2008. But first a look back to where it began for so many of us from my generation. 1966, a brand new copy of Don Featherstone's 'War Games' and a couple of boxes of Airfix. The dining room table for an hour or better still a patch of lino on the bedroom floor.

The photo is of Don Featherstone's Action in the Plattville Valley. I bought the original print from him some ten years ago. I also have the rubber buildings and SAE figures (well Spencer Smith actually) though it took me forty years to finally get them. I am now able to fight this battle again and I am free to start a new project for the New Year.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Yes!! That picture was the one that I rememebred all those years ago, and which prompted me to start my ACW project this year.... many thanks for sharing.... :o))

charla said...


Best wishes for your project and for 2008.

I'd love to see you re-stage the Platteville fight with DF's ACW figures in closer shots than he supplied.


johnpreece said...

Thank you George,

I am sorry I put that rather clumsily. I have identical figures and buildings, but not alas the ones owned by Don himself. I imagine he sold those on for a tidy sum many years ago.

Interestingly when I visited him several years ago he was still playing ACW but with Airfix plastic armies.


thanks, its still an incredibly evocative image isn't it.


Anonymous said...


I am impressed, but why the suite?

I would of thought a cardigan, slippers and flagon of finest ale (Green King Abbot is think?) would be more fitting.

I do agree the Country has gone to the dogs (or cats etc.). I think that old Stalinist Russia would be more freedom than we have now!!!!